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Creating environments for people and society.

In order to assist you to use your properties and assets effectively,
Corniche presents you the best plans analyzed by accurate marketing and developed by years of experiences.

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Investment Properties

Investment property is one of the best ways of managing assets.
A lot of people utilize investment properties for stabilizing income, preparing for retirement, and saving on taxes since it is a relatively low risk fund. We are the expert of Investment Properties and Land Use and have varieties of revenues and management ideas for your benefit.

Land Use Project

Do you have vacant land and would like to make some income out of it?
We highly recommend you to manage apartment that you can anticipate both long-term profit and saving taxes.
In addition to managing apartment, we show you many ways to use your land effectively and prospectively.

Real Estate Fund Business

We provide Real Estate Fund Business including "Real Estate private Fund" , "Japan Real Estate Investment" which is popular today for it is better return of yield than a national bond and it is lower risk than stocks, "Hospital Fund" which targets hospitals and nursing homes, "Asset management" which administrative staff called Asset Managers operate,and so on.

Real estate brokerage business

We will meet the needs of our customers such as "I want to sell properties,"
"I want to raise the occupancy of my rental property," and "I want to promote the efficiency of property management."
Wealthy and detailed information from our sales system sticking with our local community

Our properties for sale

We introduce our sale house "C's Hills Gardens" built with our love and pride for work as the people of Cornwall region do. We are the professional who makes your dreams on dwelling come true because we have been buying and selling many houses and learned what customers' needs are. Our sale houses "C's Hills Gardens" is created and built by the concept that gives you comfortable space and creative exterior, and these houses will be your ideal home.

Distributor business

We have many customers who ask us about effective ways of selling their properties.
All you need to sell real estate is sales strategy based on accurate assessment and market trends.
Our real estate distribution business having many experiences on selling and buying properties will make both buyer and seller satisfied with their business.
Please feel free to tell us what your demand is.

Public Bath business

We create a recreational environment adding to the earning properties , Land Use and Real Estate Fund.Many people enjoy our public bath facility,"Gyokkouyu , Hijirinone".


As a business partner of Osaka Toyopet,Osaka Gas,Marubeni and Charm care corporation,Corniche provides you the best services.