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Valuable assets and certain trust

In Cornish, we send to all of you from profit article for business to single-family house, apartment, field such as buying and selling of land. Please see favorite article information.

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Investment property

Through profit article and land utilization, real estate fund business, "Cornish" makes full use of know-how that we cultivated by reliable information by precise market analysis and conventional duties and shows precise assets operation plan to get profit.

Owned property

To space that give renovation with store, article such as warehouse from office in Cornish, and is more comfortable and significant by all of you create.

Our properties for sale

As the making of house which is really pleased with, we offer new single-family house by division development.
European, is modern, making by free design backs up the making of fresher and warm house.

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As a business partner of Osaka Toyopet,Osaka Gas,Marubeni and Charm care corporation,Corniche provides you the best services.